Akad Details


I agree to buy, means:

1. Handing over payment money (RM) to get the Qurban/Akikah package.

2. Booking animals for Qurban / Akikah purposes according to the specifications and agreed amount.

3. Handing over the arrangement of execution date to EZ Qurban, except for certain packages only.

4. Handing over the arrangement of selecting the place of execution to EZ Qurban except for specific packages only.

5. Delegate to the EZ Qurban secretariat to slaughter, languishing and distribute to recipients.

6. If the secretariat of EZ Qurban is unable to perform the services as agreed, then all related costs will be borne by EZ Qurban.

7. If I wish to cancel the sale and purchase after the delivery of the execution is made, then all related costs will be borne by my own party.


The details of Akad Bai’ Salam are certified by the Shariah Advisory Body EZ Qurban and are certified with ISO MS1900-2014 Quality Management System Based on Shariah Compliance

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